Musings Redux

Five years ago I started this blog, “Musings From The Aardvark Dude.”
For about a year I wrote for and posted in it fairly regularly.   I had a small following that either seemed to appreciate what I had to say or at least were willing to humor me and make me think they did.

Then for some reason, apathy, to pursue other interests, whatever?  I let it go, and years have passed since I’ve posted in it.  Today I am feeling new resolve to start again, not anew.  It would be too easy to start another blog and pretend the old one never existed.  To do so might fool new readers into thinking they found something fresh and different, but I’m taking what I believe to be a more honest approach.   I shall breathe new life into a journal that withered.

How long will it last, and how faithful will I be in my pursuit of online publication this time? Nobody knows.  Not even I.   A positive response from followers may encourage my effort, but I make no promise.  Whatever may appear on these pages is what you get, nothing more, nothing less.

Those who have been here before may note some subtle differences.  My interests have shifted a little since I last wrote here.  That may or may not be apparent as my subject matter before was quite eclectic and will certainly continue to be.  I think this time I may be placing more emphasis on the use of images.    While this format lends itself to verbal expression, as a visual person who has pursued the craft of photography nearly all my life I may fill the gaps in my writing with more images than I did in the past.

Let the journey begin, or perhaps I should say resume.  My own knowledge of where it may lead may be very little greater than that of my readers.

Images and text Copyright 2015 Dave Michael.
No portion of this article may be reproduced without permission of the author.

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