Boring Requisite Biographical Information

My name is David Howard Michael, although I prefer to be addressed as Dave. When I hear David I begin to look for my deceased mother or one of several ex-wives. When I hear Howard I begin to fear I have misbehaved in some manner.
I was born in Lawrence, Kansas in 1948. I chose to make my appearance there because that is where my mother was, and I think it is always appropriate to share such important experiences with my mother.
My parents are Hazel and Vernon Michael. They were both teachers by profession. They apparently managed to instill me with a lust for learning. I continue to learn new things every day. When I cease my desire to learn, whether I continue to breathe or not, I will be dead.
 I began my formal education in the kindergarten classroom of Mrs. Perry at McAlister Elementary School in Lawrence, KS where I learned apples are the best fruit and saddle oxfords the best shoes. Two years later our family moved to Baldwin City, KS, and I went through grade school and high school in the Baldwin public school system where I was the nerdy misfit who preferred science over sports.  During that time I was constantly studying and learning, though frequently I found subjects outsidee the prescribed curriculum to be the most interesting.  
After graduating high school I attended Baker University in Baldwin City and finished with a BA degree in journalism and speech.  In college I took formal education more seriously and excelled in composition classes in both the English and Journalism departments.  It was during my time in college my pursuit of photography moved from a long time interest to a passion, and in addition to taking on the challenges of photo editor for the school paper I also started seeking means to earn income as a photographer.

 My work history is varied and way too boring to list in detail, but I’ll review briefly for historical purposes. I have worked jobs where my attire ranged from ragged blue jeans and a T-shirt to an expensive 3-piece suit.  I began doing party photography and wedding photography for pay during college. I think that means I became a professional photographer at age 19. After college I worked on a small daily newspaper as a writer and photographer. I later did some freelance photography and wedding photography from my home, operated a photo studio, sold building materials for a small company and then a large one, trained people to run building materials stores for a large company, did kitchen design and remodeling sales, worked in a small photo lab and camera store, operated a photo studio again, and moved packages for a large company with brown trucks.  Officially I am still an employee of the company with brown trucks, but I’ve been on medical leave since July of 2009.  In July of 2010 I think I will be listed either as unemployed or retired. With the savings I have I’m not sure there is much difference.
I’ve been married way too many times. The specific number may or may not be mentioned in later posts on this blog. I have two wonderful sons (No, they didn’t force me to say that.). I’m currently divorced, live alone and plan to stay that way unless I can find a wealthy woman who will support me in the manner in which I would like to live.
I currently spend much of my time making crappy pictures, occasionally good pictures and sometimes artistic images. I frequently post images on the internet photosharing site, Flickr and occasionaly exhibit my work in galleries.  I like to cook (relevant to the fact I also like to eat), and I enjoy visiting art galleries and hanging out with insane and creative people.
This is probably more than enough boring detail about me for now. I’m sure I will interject some more interesting biographical stuff into later posts. 
If there is anything else you wish to know about me, feel free to ask. You are welcome to ask me anything. I reserve the right to decide whether or not I will answer. I warn you though, if you ask a question please be certain you are willing to hear the answer. I tend to be bluntly honest at times.  


2 Responses to “Boring Requisite Biographical Information”

  1. Ellen Allen Says:

    R y u the guy that took pictures for Baldwin High School if so I need my sons high school pictures our house burned last December also my son has passed away his name is Eric Allen graduated from BHS in 1989 in the meant time I thank you for your time

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