About This Blog

When I first entertained serious thoughts about starting a blog I sat down and began writing a lengthy explanation of why and what it would be about. After a couple hours of boring myself and nearly falling asleep working on it I came to the brilliant conclusion that if I were boring myself how could I help but be boring anyone else who might attempt to read it. I will therefore attempt to keep this brief and to the point. Please note the verb in that last sentence is ATTEMPT.


It seems there is a right way and a wrong way, or a normal way and an abnormal way to do almost anything. At least that is what the people who make the rules about such things want us to believe. If you are seeking normalcy, you are probably in the wrong place. Throughout my life I have never been one to follow convention, and at 61 years of age it is unlikely I will start soon.

 One of the conventions of good blogging is having a theme or one area of interest in order to attract a specific group of readers who will become loyal followers of your blog. That sounds well and good, but with the eclectic range of wild and crazy thoughts that bounce off the inner walls of my cranium it ain’t likely to happen here folks.

 If you are the sort of person with a wide variety of interests and require numerous multiple types of stimuli to keep your brain functioning this may be the place for you. With that in mind I will narrow (using the term narrow loosely) the range of topics you may find here. This blog will have a central theme of art, cooking, politics, philosophy and religion (from a non-religious point of view). Other topics may be introduced at my whim.

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