Why Feminism Is Needed

I posted a meme on Facebook with a picture of comedian Dave Chappelle, who is a black male, attached to it.  I also posted a video made by an activist who posts under the name, “The Many  Faces Of Vaun.”   Vaun happens to be a buxom blonde female.

I posted them because I believe each carried a message worthy of sharing.

The meme with Chapelle generated only serious comments.  The video with Vaun quickly drew a comment suggesting I was only looking at the person who made it and questioning


Dave Chappelle

if perhaps I failed to hear the message due to the appearance of the woman delivering it.

I admit I enjoy looking at pretty women.  I’m well known for photographing them.  Most of the time when I do it is because they like how I portray them and they ask me to.

With that said, in no way do I consider my appreciation for a pretty face or body an indication I am unable to hear what a woman says due to how she looks.  Honestly I think Dave Chappelle’s face is attractive too.

If I post something with a serious message, I am posting it for the message no matter who or what may be pictured with it.  If you find the image distracting and can’t get the message because of it, then the problem is with you.



The comment I received was most likely intended as a joke, but when people ignore a serious message and turn it into a joke due to the person delivering it being female, even if you find her sexually attractive, it indicates a disrespect for her intellectual abilities, and you are treating her as though she is of lesser value simply due to her gender.  In one word “OBJECTIFYING.”

This is exactly why women are vocal in their quest for equality. This is why women believe they are not being taken seriously.

 This is why we need feminism.
Dave Michael



Text Copyright 2016 Dave Michael.  No portion of this article may be reproduced without permission of the author.

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