RIP Humanity?

Saving The Earth Or Saving Ourselves?

I used to worry that man would destroy the earth. Then I began to think about other species that outlived their welcome on the planet. It finally struck me, we won’t destroy earth. We may make it uninhabitable and cause our own extinction. We may take other living organisms with us, but the earth and probably some life forms will survive. The planet will reinvent itself and become beautiful once again without us.

By being green we are not really saving the earth. We are fighting for our own survival. Perhaps whomever or whatever follows us will find ways to use the resources available without threatening their own being.

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An after thought inspired by a conversation with my friend Greg:  Without pesticides cock roaches will evolve. With larger bodies and equally larger brains they will rule the earth. They’ll feed for milleniums on the garbage we leave behind.

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One Response to “RIP Humanity?”

  1. Trevor Says:

    Why is it that people are often concerned that their offspring continue the family traditions and yet remain unconcerned whether their their planet will still be able to maintain them?

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