I’m Cheering For Holly On Celebrity Apprentice

I was surprised when I discovered one of the finalists on Celebrity Apprentice was someone I had met.

Holly Robinson Peete and her husband Rodney Peete at the Symposium on Parkinson’s Disease in Overland Park, KS, August 29, 2010 sponsored by the Kansas University Medical Center.

Celebrity Apprentice is a show that never appealed to me. I haven’t watched a single episode so I didn’t know much about what was happening on the show. That changed somewhat when I saw an ad mentioning the two finalists, and I was surprised to realize I had met one of them. No, not Bret Michaels, even though I do like rock music and his last name is almost the same as mine.
Last fall I met Holly Robinson Peete and her husband Rodney at a seminar on Parkinson’s Disease sponsored by the Kansas University Medical Center. They qualify as celebrities due to Holly’s acting career and Rodney’s time as an NFL football player. To me, though, there is a more important reason they are special.

Together they established and operate the HollyRod Foundation which helps people who are dealing with autism and Parkinson’s Disease. Both causes are of special interest to me. Autism, because I have an 8 year old buddy who is affected by it, and Parkinson’s Disease because it affects me personally.

Now, as I said before I haven’t watched the show, so I really can’t comment about how Holly’s performance stacks up against Brett Michael’s. What I do know is Holly has touched the lives of many people in a very positive way. Whether she wins or loses on Celebrity Apprentice she deserves much credit for giving her time and using her celebrity to improve the lives of others.

When Donald Trump says, “You’re Fired!” for the last time this season I’m hoping it is Holly Robinson Peete left standing in the board room as Bret Michaels walks out the door.

To learn more about the HollyRod Foundation visit 

http://www.hollyrod.org/ .

Text and Image Copyright 2010 Dave Michael

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