16? Random Things About Me

In a game that is played online a friend asked me to list 16 random things about myself that people might not know.

This is my response.

1.  I have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and it often makes me laugh at things non ADD people don’t understand.

2.  My two wonderful sons are 21 and 23.  In some ways they are very much like me, in other ways totally different.

3.  When I was in junior high and high school some of my friends and I made explosives just for fun.

4.  I once had a dog named Karl von Munchausen.  We called him Munch.

5.  I have a college education, but in my last job I stacked boxes for a living.

6.  I’m nearly 62 years old and have been taking pictures since getting my first camera almost 57 years ago.

7.  I once drove to Guatemala City and rode a bus back.  I studied German four years before going to Central America.   I speak “Survival Spanish.”   I can count money and order food. I can also ask directions but unfortunately seldom understand the response.

8.  I once photographed Richard Nixon while two secret service men grabbed me under the arm pits and dragged me back.

9.  I refer to myself as a Christian Agnostic, but at one time I was a Sunday School teacher.

10.  On a few occasions my parents came home and found my older sister had tied me to a chair.

11.  My first motor vehicle was a 1952 Allstate motor scooter that I got in 1964.  My first car was a 1939 Chevrolet Master Deluxe. I got it in 1965.

12.  I used to play the trombone and guitar and occasionally still play the piano and pump organ.

13.  I have ridden a bicycle 100 miles in a day on more than one occasion.   At one time I was running 10 miles a day. Now some days I struggle to walk from my bed to the bathroom.

14.  I claim to be better at weddings than marriage because I have worked successfully as a wedding photographer, but have had more wives than I care to admit and am divorced from all.

15.  I would do yard work naked if I thought the neighbors wouldn’t get upset and have me arrested.

16.  I own a photograph of Edward Weston that was made by his son Joel.

17.  Sometimes I can be rebellious and not follow directions well. LOL

Text and images all Copyright 2010 Dave Michael.  No portion of  this article may be reproduced in any form without written permission of the author.


One Response to “16? Random Things About Me”

  1. Eric Says:

    dave I really relate to#13

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