The Hotest Photo Sharing Site On The Web

If you love making pictures and sharing them with the world, you may already be familiar with the photo sharing site Flickr. If you don’t know about it, you should. 

 According to Wikipedia as of October of 2009 Flickr, which since 2005 has been owned by Yahoo, was host to over 4 billion images. The range of images available to viewers around the globe with internet access is beyond imagination as is the variety of people posting.

There are everyday individuals who post personal snapshots simply as a means to share them with family and friends. Others are skilled amateurs and professionals who use Flickr as a means to show off their work and receive feedback from others as a means to hone their skills. Some activists post pictures to promote their social causes, and businesses and non-profits alike use the site to document and advertise their activities. Subject matter is as diverse as the people posting.

While most images posted are photographs, artists working in other media who either scan or photograph their work can also be found. In addition to still images members may post short videos up to 90 seconds long.

In spite of the overwhelming size of the archives on Flickr, it is relatively easy for viewers to navigate the site and find posts suited to their particular interests. Each member has an individual “photostream”. Within each site images may be categorized into sets and collections and may given relevant tags. Members may also establish groups dedicated to specific interests. Then depending upon the selection of various options other members may post their images to these groups.

Individual images, sets and groups may be either public or private. Thus it is possible to have a group in which anyone may post and view with little or no moderation, while it is also possible for group managers to control who can post and view the group content. By doing so group members may be limited to only those with a specific interest. This also makes it possible to set up groups viewable only by family members where people can share events like weddings and birthday parties without making the images available to the whole world.

A search engine built into the site makes it easy to find images and groups according to who posted them, subject matter, etc. Members may designate each other as contacts, friends and/or family which further controls access to images. It also makes it possible to go to a contact page to see what has been posted recently by individuals one is connected to without the necessity of going to each individual photo stream.

Subject matter at Flickr ranges all the way from the most innocent pictures of flowers, kittens and babies to fine art nudes and even pornography. To avoid the possibility of people stumbling upon images they may find offensive, images must be classified as safe, moderate or restricted when they are posted. Non-members may only view safe images. When a person signs on as a new member his/her account defaults to accessing only safe images. Members have the option of then changing their safety settings to allow viewing of moderate or restricted images. Members who post images without properly flagging them are dealt with swiftly by Flickr management who either restrict all the content in offending photostreams or deleting the entire stream.

Each person or entity posting must have a Flickr account. A free account is simple to set up and is active immediately upon providing the required information online. Free accounts allow members to post up to 100 mb per month and a total of 200 images. For $25 a year a member can have a Pro account which allows unlimited uploads and storage.  Each account has a profile page where members can post as much or as little information about themselves as they wish depending upon what they want to share with the public.


For photographers and other artists who want to share their work with the world and keep track of what their peers are up to there is nothing else like Flickr. I highly recommend you check it out today at . 

A big Thank You to my Flickr friends who graciously permitted the use of their images to illustrate this article.
Illustrations in order of appearance in the article:
Flickr Home Page by
Flickr Photostream Page by Aardvark_Foto
12:00 a.m.  01/01/2010 by Aardvark_Foto
Little Pink Houses 4 U & Me by Thinkoutsidethebox
Last Patrol by Eks4003 
Here, There And Everywhere by Aya Rosen
Throat Chakra by Kat110168
Grimm’s Woods by Hippiechic
La Star by Djuliet
Moptown by Gingerpig2000
Comes a Time by Hippiechic
Painting And Sculpture by Djuliet
Worker by Aardvark_Foto
Fresco Painting by Zachary.Michael
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Text Copyright 2010 Dave Michael
Images Copyright Individual Artists
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2 Responses to “The Hotest Photo Sharing Site On The Web”

  1. George Lenard Says:

    Excellent summary, Dave.

  2. Trevor Butcher Says:

    I love the way you have got all those images into the post, on the occasions when I blog I get too involved in the words and forget I can add extra pictures… 🙂

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